FootGolf has been around for a few years but it is still surprising that many people are not even aware of the sport and how to play it. If you are one of these people, then donít worry as we are here to explain to you the basic guidelines for a game of FootGolf.

As the name suggests, FootGolf is made by combining football and golf, but FootGolf is neither totally like football or golf. The game involves kicking a football into a hole in as few kicks as possible.

FootGolf uses the same model as golf, with a fairway, tees, hazards, bunkers and 9 or 18 holes of play. Every hole is the same, like a golf scorecard, where you can play as a pair, a threesome or a group of four.  The main differences between FootGolf and golf is the size of the holes, usually shorter fairways and the lack of golf equipment. You only need a regular size 5 football and Wardell FootGolf will provide this, however, you can bring your own if so desired.

FootGolf can have the same dress code as golf but this depends on the courses rules. Most courses have a more relaxed dress code but players are not allowed to wear football boots (with studs).

It should be noted that FootGolf courses often share the fairways on golf courses, so it is important to be courteous towards golfers. Although, the FootGolf holes are away from the golf holes and have their own greens, try not to kick the ball when other golfers are playing their round.

The best thing about FootGolf is that you can play without any expert practice. Itís great for any any age and ability. With FootGolf gaining in popularity for its novelty, freshness, inclusiveness, and amusement, make sure you get out on the course in 2020 and beyond.